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If someone you care for is going away, give them a unique gift to remember you by, our Certificate of Farewell or Bon Voyage, and it is free. With our Editing and Customization tools, you can personalize each and every Certificate to your personal information - each Certificate will be unique, and it is so easy.

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We the undersigned do hereby proudly present this Certificate of Farewell to
Name of the Person being farewelled
With all the best wishes to you for the future both personally and in any new business venture you may, or may not undertake in your new revitalised life. Awarded on the DATE_HERE by the members of the INSTITUTION_NAME_HERE
Name of the First Signatory
Signed on DATE_HERE by a semiqualified medical professional
Name of the Second Signatory
Signed on DATE_HERE by an unqualified medical professional

Give to a special person who is going away and leaving you alone to carry on without them. You can make it funny or serious depending on your feelings.

Your colleague/friend/child is leaving you,
So...   let them know how you feel.

Give them something to remember you by, as they venture out on their new undertaking without you.

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